Hi, I am Suresh Chand

I am a

I'm an eager and flexible individual, always excited to tackle new challenges. Learning is my passion, and I'm determined to deliver excellent results. With a positive outlook and a mindset focused on growth, I'm prepared to make a meaningful contribution and accomplish great things.


Here are some of my skills on which I have been working on for the past 2 years.


React Js
Next Js
Tailwind CSS
Material UI



Application Development

React Native
Android Studio


VS Code


My education has been a journey of self-discovery and growth. My educational details are as follows.

  1. Nepalaya College - Kalanki, Kathamdnu Running

    I am currently pursuing a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT) degree, which I am on track to complete in 2024 from Nepalaya College, located in Kalanki, Kathmandu, Nepal. I have taken courses in Data Structures, Algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, and Computer Networks, among others.

  2. National School of Sciences (NIST) - Lainchour, Kathamdnu

    I completed my class 12 high school education at National School of Sciences (NIST) - Lainchour, where I studied Science.

  3. Mandu Academy, Kapan, Kathamdnu

    I completed my class 10 education at Mandu Academy, Kapan, Kathmandu.


I have worked on a wide range of projects. From web apps to android apps. Here are some of my projects.


Digital Gurkha

Digital Gurkha first came into existence in a small room with two whiteboards, with a mission to be creative and make an impact in the Digital Marketing Industry. Back then, we did not have a mission and vision statement, but we knew that we wanted to create an organization where outliers could thrive, learn constantly, and do things differently.


Innovexis Ltd

Innovexis: Making Every Particle Count Discover the future where engineering and medical innovation converge. At Innovexis, we specialize in Particle Characterisation, using cutting-edge technology to transform industries and improve lives.


Hamro CSIT

Hamrocsit is an e-learning website tailored to support CSIT students with comprehensive notes and solutions. Our platform offers a valuable collection of study materials and problem-solving resources, catering specifically to the needs of Computer Science and Information Technology students. With easy access to well-structured content, Hamrocsit simplifies your learning journey, helping you excel in your studies and achieve academic success.


Deal For You

D4U.CA is your premier source for unbeatable deals and listings in Calgary NE, Canada. Tailored for both consumers and businesses, our platform connects you to a wealth of exclusive offers, discounts, and valuable information. Whether you're a local looking to save or a business eager to showcase your offerings, D4U.CA is your gateway to enhancing your Calgary NE experience.


Kaushala Ltd

Innovexis: Making Every Particle Count Discover the future where engineering and medical innovation converge. At Innovexis, we specialize in Particle Characterisation, using cutting-edge technology to transform industries and improve lives.


Maya Wears

Clothing (Brand) Fashion for creative minds. 🇳🇵Made with love in Nepal that's why we call it Maya.

PHPHTMLCSSWordpressWP Plugin

Ads Block Detector

CHP Ads Block Detector is wordpress plugin that will detect most of the AdBlock extensions installed on the browser and show a popup to disable the extension. This plugin restricts the user to access the page unless the user will disable the extension for your website.


Tool Kits PRO

Tool Kits Pro is your all-in-one solution for unlocking the full potential of SEO. As a comprehensive website, we offer a curated selection of powerful SEO tools that empower businesses and individuals to enhance their online presence, analyze data, and optimize their websites for maximum visibility. Whether you're a digital marketer, website owner, or SEO enthusiast, Tool Kits Pro provides a user-friendly hub where you can access a suite of essential tools to elevate your search engine optimization strategies and drive meaningful results.

React NativeAndroid StudioMaterial UI

Hamro CSIT Application

Hamrocsit App is the ultimate educational companion designed exclusively for CSIT students. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this innovative application redefines how you access and engage with learning materials. Seamlessly dive into a world of in-depth study notes, comprehensive solutions, and expertly curated resources, tailored to empower you in your pursuit of excellence in Computer Science and Information Technology. From tackling complex algorithms to unraveling intricate programming concepts, Hamrocsit App ensures you have the tools to succeed, all conveniently accessible right from your mobile device. Whether you're on the move, in between classes, or taking a quick break, Hamrocsit App keeps your learning journey uninterrupted. Elevate your academic experience, conquer challenges, and excel in your CSIT endeavors – all through the power of Hamrocsit App.


HemoAnime T-shirt Store

HemoAnime T-shirt Store is a website where you can buy cool T-shirts inspired by anime. We've made it easy to find and buy your favorite designs. Whether you love action, humor, or cute characters, our T-shirts let you show off your passion for anime while looking stylish and feeling comfortable.


HeadLight Pvt Ltd

HeadLight Pvt Ltd is a non-profit organization (NGO) dedicated to making a positive impact on our community. Through various initiatives and projects, we strive to bring about meaningful change, uplift those in need, and create a better future for all. Our mission is to shed light on important social issues and work collaboratively to create solutions that improve lives and promote a brighter, more inclusive society.


Press Palika

Press Palika is a comprehensive news website that keeps you informed about current events and developments from around the world. With a user-friendly interface, we deliver up-to-date and accurate news stories, covering a wide range of topics including politics, technology, entertainment, and more. Our goal is to provide readers with a reliable source of information to stay connected and engaged with the latest happenings, all in one convenient online platform.


Code Help Pro

Code Help Pro is your passport to programming excellence. Seamlessly designed for both beginners and experienced coders, our e-learning platform offers a curated collection of interactive lessons, projects, and expert insights. Elevate your coding skills, tackle new challenges, and unlock a world of programming possibilities with Code Help Pro.


Kanata Estate

Kanata Estate is your gateway to exceptional real estate opportunities across Canada. Our platform is dedicated to showcasing an exquisite collection of properties, from charming homes to stunning estates. Whether you're a buyer seeking your dream home or a seller looking to showcase your property to a discerning audience, Kanata Estate provides a seamless and comprehensive platform to explore, connect, and transform your real estate aspirations into reality.


My work experience as a Full Stack Developer and working on different companies and projects.

  1. Full Stack Developer Till Now

    I'm a freelancer with a background as a full-stack developer. I bring versatile skills and a strong commitment to delivering top-quality solutions.

    Technology:ReactReact NativeNodeTypeScriptPHPWordpress

Need Help?

Feel free to reach out to me for any questions or opportunities or mail me directly on [email protected]